Danielle Clemenza Miller


With a passion for both real estate and interior design, Danielle Clemenza Miller created Clementine Interiors in 2017.  Her ability to transform spaces and keen eye for detail has led her to a variety of successful endeavors in the field of design.  After nearly a dozen years of experience Production Designing sets in Hollywood’s film and commercial industry for high-profile clients such as BMW, Apple, Visa, Kitchen Aid and Zillow, her love for residential design and interest in rehabbing homes led her to a side business in real estate investing.  Breathing new life into distressed homes became Danielle’s primary passion, and what was once a side business quickly turned into a successful full-time venture.   

Clementine Interiors was born out of Danielle’s desire to let each home shine in its best possible light though the combination of thoughtful interior design and carefully curated home staging. She prides herself on a clean yet sophisticated aesthetic, attention to detail, and ability to create clever design solutions for less-than-ideal situations. Together with her team, she creates beautiful spaces that make a profound impact on the sale of a home.


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